Queer and Trans Community Action, Support, and Education


Current Organizing:
Please see our facebook group for current organizing:

Weekly Meetings to Share Space
Very low key, primarily for sharing space and talking about community issues, mostly just trans people, but sometimes cis allies, especially when we're organizing around a protest:
Trans Community Building, Creative Resistance, History, Protests

Summary Goals:
See the summary goals here for organizing against the recent right-wing and colonial shift in the local queer/trans community.

Currently, we're organizing against mostly white/privileged/conservative trans groups who have positioned themselves as representatives of the trans community, and have been pushing racist, tokenizing, and right-wing agendas.

Past Protests

For protests before 2018, please see Transroots Toronto on facebook. For work previous to Transroots Toronto, please see Grassroots Trans Toronto. These are the protests that were organized under QT CASE for Pride 2018 and TDoR 2018:

About Us

QT CASE is an initiative to fight back against the racism and conservatism settling into the local queer and trans communities, oppose corporate and "non-profit" exploitation, as well as rebuilding communities based in true grassroots efforts. QT CASE seeks to promote community-wide consensus based decision making models, direct action, community accountability, accessibility, community-based support, and community-based education models.